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Discover your true self through the art of healing & intuitive Development.

Ascend Class Schedule

Each Month our class calendar will be updated. You can check out our current available classes here. Classes are being held via Zoom, FB Rooms and some in person.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Intuitive Development Classes
Healing, Meditation + Ceremonial Classes

Our Facebook Page and Groups:
Click here to see our Facebook Page. Don't forget to "Like" us! Our facebook page is a great community space for sharing information, getting deals on our services, products, seeing new products there first, as well participate in free live events, pull a card readings and more.

Ascend FB Groups:

Sac-Placer 2020 Awakening for People Awake or Awakening that would like a safe place to talk and learn. From SSP to Ascension we have you covered!

Ascend Tarot Readings + Intuitive Guidance- our longest standing group for readings.

Ascend Healing Arts Student Group this group is for our students who are signed up for classes that HAVE live q and a session only.

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