Intuitive Development Classes

What people have to say:

"I love the classes and meditations. Alexis is very knowledgeable and caring. She has this beautiful peaceful energy that makes you feel very comfortable and you will want to come back."

- Claudia K.

Pre-Recorded Online Courses.

Intuitive Development + Evidential Mediumship Mentorship Certification Course

This is an Eight Week/Eight-Module Spiritual Mentorship Program for Intuitive and Mediumship advancement. Certification provided upon completion of all 8 modules. This program is recommended only for the serious student willing to make a commitment to the "work." Class includes each module as downloadable pdf, weekly homework, and lots of extras such as decorative charts and intuitive/mediumship exercises, a treasure trove of information you keep!

This Class is available in a pre-recorded format with a live Q and A/practice every two weeks. New Classes come out 1x per week beginning at "new class start date". Check our class calendar for details.

$28.00/per individual class

$202.00/ All 8 Classes

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Core Skills for Intuitive, Psychic, Medium and Healers

In this Class we will focus on connecting with your natural abilities. You will learn skills such as the sitting in your power, knowing your power vs others, how to protect yourself energetically, exploring the Clairs, better understanding your connection, managing your skills as well as get involved in group exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit. Each week we explore a new topic.

This Class is available in a pre-recorded format only at this time.

Class 1 Focus: Energy, Power, Protection.

Class 2 Focus: Symbols, Numbers, Colors.
Class 3 Focus: Clairs
Class 4 Focus: Aura Reading, Affirmations, opening of the third eye.
Class 5 Focus: Enhancing Your Spiritual Awareness: Connecting with Your Guides.
Class 6: A Brief Intro to Crystals.



Explore the Tarot: Apprenticeship

In this class we will explore the Tarot based on an ancient apprenticeship path & learn how to apply that today. From card care to spreads & divination, we will dive into this ancient art.

This class is for those serious about studying the Tarot. Lots of downloads and study guides.

$198./ 8 sessions.



Circle / Talk Groups

Explore the Tarot Circle

In this class we will explore a variety of decks from old to new as well as oracle cards. From spreads to divination, sharing and practice. Bring your cards! Great for beginners through experienced Tarot Masters. Come for the practice, the sharing, or the readings!


Spiritual Cafe / Talk Group

Welcome All To Spiritual Cafe, an open group for like minded people. Having an awakening? Experiencing intuitive or empathic overload, Starseed experiences, etc., and have some questions? Looking for answers or seeking guidance? Experienced the paranormal and just want to talk about it?

Join us for an open spiritual discussion, BYOTQE (Bring your own Topics + Questions + Experience).


Intuitive Development + Mediumship Circle

Come and explore your psychic intuitive self through hands-on intuitive exercises, Group Tarot Readings (Bring your cards!),pendulums and more. We explore a variety of exercises embracing your intuition, working with your own energy and that of others, as well as other tools for readings/sensing. Come to give or receive a reading or both! Chakra Balancing demos and more! Always tons of fun!



Evidential Mediumship Circle

Held in the traditional (old school) method of mediumship, mediums attending should plan to attend regularly- this is a commitment, readers (people coming for a mediumship sitting) may come one time or every time.




Awakend Path

The goal of this class is to inspire living an awakened life through following daily practices that open and advance your intuitive skills, soul awareness, inner and auric power, how to stay balanced in a busy unbalanced world, and ability to communicate with the one creator- our true self. If you have awakened and feel a bit lost, if you are awakened and want "more" and if you are one who is just wanting to learn how to connect and live a connected life this is the perfect class for you!


** Please View Class Calendar for date(s) and time.


The Pineal Gland and the Piezoelectric Effect

We will discuss the make-up, function, effects, and power of the pineal gland (or third eye) and the piezoelectric effect. We will cover history around the pineal gland and how to decalcify your pineal gland and exercises to activate it.

This class pairs well with Awakening Path.



"I love the classes and meditations. Alexis is very knowledgeable and caring. She has this beautiful peaceful energy that makes you feel very comfortable and you will want to come back.

Claudia K.

May 2020

"I have really enjoyed the Core Skills class. Each class has contained so much more information than what I had expected. I like that every week focused on a different topic and different abilities to be worked on. While much content is presented in each of the classes, this gives students a lot to practice with over time. I feel that in taking the Core Skills class I have learned some of the fundamentals of psychic development and a great foundation to build on. I also appreciate that this class was offered online. I hope to take additional classes in the future. Thank you so much!"

Amber W.

May 2020

"I enjoyed Core Skills so much. I was feeling overwhelmed before taking this class and not sure which direction to go in. This class helped me to better understand myself and manage my natural abilities. I recommend this class it really made a difference for me "

Mandy T.

November 2018

"I am participating in the last session of the Core Skills class today. This has been a great experience with a fun and interesting group of people. Alexis is insightful, funny and a wonderful teacher. This has been a great experience! I recommend it to anyone who is looking to explore themselves. This session has been entirely on Zoom, and been fine, though I am sure in person would have been great also."


Sharnell C.

November 2018

"I took Intuitive Development and Mediumship Mentorship with Alexis, we worked one on one. The course was amazing, a lot of in depth information and it all made so much sense! I have a huge manual now that I can go back through and practice. The amount of resources you receive with this class is incredible. Very well done, this class truly advanced my abilities and helped me to feel more equipped for my intuitive business."

Lydia R.

August 2018

"I took Reiki with Alexis, the course in prerecorded online which is nice as I could go at my own pace! I loved that we had in person and online practice sessions where I learned how to work with energy in ways I was not aware of before! I loved this class and the practices were great! Thank you Alexis!

Tiffany G.

June 2018

"When I took the Tarot Apprenticeship with Alexis I was shocked at how much I learned. I was curious as she said it is an "old school" method and it was very eye opening and made me feel like I could take a very natural and informed approach at an very old art form, I have not had a Tarot class like this one before. "

Kerry S.

November 2018

"I love Evidential Mediumship Circle, this is a true dedication to the art and the energy and connection developed by this dedicated group has been truly amazing."

Marta L.

April 2018

"I was so glad to have found Spiritual Cafe, this group provided me with a place to be among like minded people and not be uncomfortable talking about my personal experiences with intuition, spirit and other energies. I found lots of support from this group and look forward to each session."

Mark P.

August 2018