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    Candles, Aromatherapy, Wands, Sprays + more.

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    Relax, Restore, Renew, with the Vibrational Energy of Reiki, Crystals + Sound to Balance the Mind Body & Spirit.

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    Meditation, Crystal Grids, Group Healing Guided Mediation, Intuitive Development + more.

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    Match Crystals and Gemstones with your healing needs, wear them discreetly.

Discover Your True Self Through Energy Healing & Intuitive Arts

Our Certified Practitioners provide healing and guidance with the use of Reiki, Sound, and Crystals as well as the Intuitive Arts. Explore our online store to shop all our offerings including a variety of all natural handcrafted Aromatherapy, crystal intention candles, artisan crafted healing jewelry,  crystal wands, crystal grids and more. 

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Restore harmony & balance to the body; clear your mind to find answers within; relieve anxiety and tension.

We offer a variety of Reiki, Crystal + Sound Healing Sessions. 

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Shop our line of all natural Aromatherapy Sprays, Crystal Intention Candles, Healing Gemstone Jewelry, crystal wands, tools + more.

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We offer a variety of classes that make space for healing of the mind, body + spirit. From group healing mediations to jewelry making + art classes we provide you with balance along your journey.

Relax. Restore. Renew.

Life is not easy. You owe it to yourself to experience peace.

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