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Restore harmony & balance to the body; clear your mind to find answers within; relieve anxiety and tension. Clear your Aura, balance your chakras and more. We offer a variety of Reiki, Crystal + Sound Healing Sessions. 

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Intuitive + Tarot Readings. Feel inspired and empowered with the support of a compassionate reader. Receive guidance and insights on life path, Spirit Guides, Starseed Connection, Past lives and more. 
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Spiritual Wellness Coaching for Awakening

Spiritual wellness coaching takes a deep dive into aiding you to explore your awakening or ascension process without leaving you feeling lost in the constant bombardment of information.

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FREE CLASS: Core Skills Class 1 Energy, Power, Protection

Core Skills for Empaths, Intuitives, Healers & Mediums

In this class, we will focus on connecting with your natural abilities. You will learn skills such as the sitting in your power, knowing your power vs others, how to protect yourself energetically, exploring the Clairs, better understanding your connection, managing your skills as well as get involved in group exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit. Each week we explore a new topic.



Classes: Intuitive Development, Mediumship, Healing, Meditation + more.

Intuitive Development Classes

We offer a variety of intuitive development classes to help you connect with your natural abilities. Core Skills, Mediumship, Past Life Regresssions, Intuitive Development Circle, Tarot, Awakened Path and More. Learn about the Clairs, Aura, Chakras, Your Personal Power, starseed connections and so much more.

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Meditation + Energy Healing Classes

From meditation to full moon ceremonies our meditation and healing arts classes always have something new in store to keep you on your path and help to further your mind, body, spirit development.

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Class Schedule + FB Groups

Read about our classes on the class pages, look at the class schedule to see when they are held. Also check out our Facebook page and Group as well as our Patreon Memberships for great conversation, learning, healing and guidance.

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Discover Your True Self Through Reiki, Crystal + Sound Healing

Our Certified Practitioners provide healing and guidance with the use of Reiki, Sound, and Crystals as well as the Tarot and Intuitive Arts. Combine our Healing services, Readings and Classes with the support of our products for a complete mind, body, and spirit support system and daily practice.

Relax. Restore. Renew.

Life is not easy. You owe it to yourself to experience peace.

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