Core Skills: Intuitive, Psychic, Mediums and Healers

Core Skills: Intuitive, Psychic, Mediums and Healers


In this class, we will focus on connecting with your natural abilities. You will learn skills such as the sitting in your power, knowing your power vs others, how to protect yourself energetically, exploring the Clairs, better understanding your connection, managing your skills as well as get involved in group exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit. Each week we explore a new topic.

This Class is also available in a pre-recorded format with a live Q and A/practice every two weeks. New Classes come out 1x per week. Check the calendar for details. Join at any time. Otherwise, the class is currently available via Zoom. Be sure to include your email when reserving your spot!

Class 1 Focus: Energy, Power, Protection.
Class 2 Focus: Symbols, Numbers, Colors.
Class 3 Focus: Clairs
Class 4 Focus: Aura Reading, Affirmations, and opening of the third eye.
Class 5 Focus: Enhancing Your Spiritual Awareness: Connecting with Your Guides.
Class 6: A Brief Intro to Crystals.


**Please pay for each class in advance of the scheduled date and PLEASE provide your email so that we can send you the ZOOM link.