The Crystal Healer Course Roseville Ca

The Crystal Healer Course Roseville Ca



This class is a Crystal Healing Professional Certification Course. If you are looking to work as a crystal healing practitioner this is the class for you. It is a 7-week course covering many topics from "the science" through treatment. Each class is 2 hrs.

Week 1 Basics of Crystal Healing
Week 2 Sacred space and intuition with Crystals
Week 3 Subtle energies and crystal grids
Week 4 Chakra healing and balancing work using crystals
Week 5 Layouts for the mind, body, and spirit
Week 6 The Healers Basic Tool Kit, other healers tools and modalities.
Week 7 The Crystal Healing Practitioner

Course Fee: $850
$200. due prior to classes starting and $82.85  due at the time of or prior to each class.

**You will not be permitted into the class if you do not have or have not made the payment.
** You can not take random classes, this is a course and must start with day 1/week 1.
** Makeup classes can be done one on one for an additional fee.
**Certificates are only granted if you completed the entire coursework and exam.
**None of the documentation provided may be copied or shared in any way.

Crystals for Personal Use
If you are looking to learn more about crystals for personal use keep an eye out on upcoming classes designed for this purpose. They will be tons of fun and very informative!

About Your Instructor:
Alexis Prince is an RMT, CCH, CPM, CPLC she has been teaching and practicing Reiki, Crystal and Sound Healing for over 10 years.