Mercury Retrograde, Planetary Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, Planetary Retrograde



This Planetary Retrograde Mystical Crystal gem elixir spray is wonderful support during times of planetary retrograde experiences. Especially the issues associated with Mercury Retrograde. Helps to alleviate the stresses through use of gem elixir combined with pure essential oils, flower and herbal tinctures, Reiki and sound energetic vibrational waves.  Try it to Realign, reflect, and reclaim during these times. 

There are endless uses for our sprays, spray them over your body, in the air, in the car, on furniture, bedding, etc., any surface that can get wet. You can also pour it into a diffuser (be careful not to pour stones or loose herbs or flowers IF your spray contains them). 

Many of our sprays are charged during full moons and are quite potent. Perfect for manifestation, rituals and daily use. They are also Reiki infused and of course, contain crystal energy. We use flower based preservatives and no alcohol.

Make with:
- Gem infused elixir
- Essential Oils
- Herbal Tincture
- Natural Crystals
- Reiki Infused