Reiki Practitioners Roseville Ca, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

Alexis Prince, RMT,CCP, CPM,CPLC
Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Wellness Coach
Reiki, Crystal & Sound Vibrational Healing Practitioner

Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Wellness Coach

An intuitive life coach is a professional who helps you change your life and live your dream by helping you access your intuition, and balancing your mind body and spirit. Awaken through practices you may have forgotten to reclaim your life.

As an Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer, my goal is to help clients tap into their inner guidance to discover a limitless source of intuition and inspiration available to each and every one of us. By deepening your connection with the Divine, an individual achieves a higher octave of healing, deeper understanding and acceptance of the self. The goal is to help individuals find balance and harmony between Body, Mind and Spirit so they feel confident in joyfully pursuing their unique purpose and passions.

This work is designed to be supportive to those who are awakening so they may better understand and learn to manage what they are going through. It is also supportive of the already awakened and those who have been raising their vibration for a long time, to truly understand and connect with “what’s next” for them. 

I also work with energy healing, sound healing, Reiki, Crystals, visualization, meditation, hands off practice and manipulation of energy to grasp the nature of all energy: universal, source, auric, deep cellular, DNA and ancestral work including past life releases, blockages and cord comprehension and removal. We explore meditation, astral and multidimensional travel. We work with support energies such as essential oils, gem elixirs, crystal grids, purified water, tarot cards, candles, flowers and herbs to help support the process. 

We are Channelers of energy and energetic transmissions to connect with guides, higher self, Ascended Masters, Angels, Star Seed Transmissions, codes and downloads in order to bring to you that which you most need at this time.

I hope to guide and assist you towards living a better healthier life, and awaken to the powerful being you truly are.

About Alexis

Alexis is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Crystal Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Wellness Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Certified Psychic Medium. Alexis has been reading Tarot & Oracle cards for over 30 years and is a member of the American Tarot Association, International Reiki Association and Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Alumni.

After a four year intensive mentorship in Mediumship & the Intuitive Arts Alexis founded Peace in Healing which has now transformed into "Ascend Healing Arts + Mystical Gifts.” Joining forces with Ysenia Cooper we bring Ascend to Roseville (The Holistic Light House) and Lincoln Ca. We offer a number of healing and intuitive services, classes and products designed to support your journey.

Alexis is also an artist and jeweler. 99% of the products on our website were designed by Alexis and Ysenia. We grow most of our own herbs, write our own recipes, make the products ourselves. We cut and polish most of the stones for our jewelry and for our Mystical Gifts Alexis designs these print products. You can also take a look at Alexis' jewelry website at


Reiki Master Teacher
Crystal Healing/Science of Crystal Energy- Certified (HMCA + 6 Other certifications)
Intuitive Life Coach
Intuitive Development
Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions
Natural Healer
Acupressure & Reiki
Animal Reiki


HibiscusMoon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Practitioner

American Tarot Association

Also Specializes in...

Sound Healing/Sound Baths/Sound Therapy
Aura & Charka Clearing/Balancing
Color Therapy
Meditation & Mudras
Mindfulness for Business.
Ascension Mystery School Research & Teaching

The following statement was in an email to me from Sheri at Ascension International in Mt. Shasta Ca. I found it so perfect and resonating so perfectly with our purpose I want to share it with you here.

"The vision we are holding is to remember our divinity, to express on earth the greatness we have within. We believe that we are assisted by masters who have self-realized before us, and help those coming after us until we all, including Earth herself, move into the age of light. As we recognize we are without limits, we begin to choose and create what is harmonious within our heart."

-Sheri Scott
Ascension Mastery Int’l
Mount Shasta, CA

Ysenia Cooper | Psychic Medium, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Wellness Coach, Palm Reader

Ysenia is a psychic medium and became aware of her intuition at just 11 years old. She is a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner where her goal is to provide balance in the lives of animals and their owners for a more healthy relationship between the two. As a certified Palm Reader, Ysenia enjoys guiding others to see their greatest strengths and the possibilities of their future. She believes the knowledge of your personal attributes can lead you to living a more successful life. “Living peacefully in your Human is always the intention.”


Discover your true self through the natural art of healing & intuitive guidance.