Crystal Energy Resources

Ascend offers a number of different resources from upcoming events to free downloads. Check out our sections on crystals as well our free and or recommended meditations.

Connecting with Your Crystals Meditation

This meditation is a combination of connecting with your crystals as well as incorporating the blessings in the smokey quartz mediation in a live guided meditation format.




Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid

Download our Printable FREE Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid.
Place your chakra stones (or crystals the same color as each of the chakra) on the grid, connect them with a wand, and place a name or photo of the person who needs the chakra balancing in the middle. Video Coming Soon as well as our online class for Crystal Grid! Be sure all your crystals are cleaned before you use them!


Ascend Chakra Crystal Chart

Download our Printable page with information on Blessing, Dedicating (programming/setting intention) and attuning to Crystals FREE!