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"I had a reading done by Alexis resonated with my heart mind and spirit. She not only spoke of my past life but of my spiritual gifts and verified what i knew deep down to be true. She provided guidance and expressed upcoming happenings .She also guided me with direction in furthering my abilities. She has so much light and love in her readings and i have so much gratitude for her taking the time to communicate with spirit to help myself and others...She is educated in her mastery and gifted and i get a strong sense of positivity and love from her.i believe we are all connected and brought together for a reason and i am blessed to have been introduced to this group and her inner light"

Stephanie P.

"I have just had a reading for the first time over the internet, as previously always done face to face, so was very sceptical. However Alexis had me with tears in my eyes as I read my reading it was so spot on it's incredible. Gave me goosebumps with an overwhelming feeling of love, that I got from my grandparents. Purely amazing. Thank you so much

Donna C.


"Alexis is so talented and uses her gift that she has been given to help others who are struggling and need to be pointed in the right direction! She gives so much to the community and wants nothing more than to help others find peace and help heal souls. I appreciate Alexis for everything she has done for her community and all the souls she has touched. Think she’s done? Think again she is always bettering herself studying and trying to find new methods of helping others in a way that others can relate to! Once again thank you for all you have done Alexis! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

Michelle K.


"I was read by Alexis and it was by far the most accurate reading I have ever had. Total honor and blessing. An Earth bound angel. Love and light to you."

Shauna B.


"I requested a reading this morning, and it was all spot on. I recognized my situation in each card in the spread. This reading resonates in me."

Paige M.


"She is awesome! Loved my reading it really resonates with me! I love all her insight!"

Diana A.


"Right on target, very helpful, would defiantly recommend her. Thanks for all your help.

Holly B.

"Accurate. Detailed. Articulate. Helpful. The real deal. Highly recommended. 🙏🏼"

Maria K.

"My reading was right on target. Alexis provided insights and information that rang true 100% She really hit the target with how things have been going in my life and I feel really good about things as I contemplate her insights. Thank you for the guidance Alexis!"

Elizabeth N.