Intention Candles

Our Intention Candles are handcrafted soy wax candles with pure essential oils, our own blend of flowers, herbs & crystals that resonate with the individual candles intention. There is "no candle scent" in these candles, they contain pure essential oils and as they burn the scent of the oils, herbal and floral blends create the scent appropriate to the candle's intention. These candles are meant for ceremonial use, blessing and setting intention to manifest a desire. Once the candles has burned past the crystals you can remove them and easily rub the soy wax off of them. The candles contain tumbles stones, crystal points, and crystal chips depending on the type of candle. See each description to see which elements they contain.
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Attract Intention Candle
Full Moon Crystal Intention Candles-Large
Smudge Candle, Sacred Space and Protection Intention Candles
BOGO Buy 1 Get 1 for 50% OFF Smudge Candle and Namaste Out of It Empath Support Spray
Abundance Trinity Candle-Small