Gem Elixir Aromatherapy

Handcrafted Crystal + Reiki infused gem elixirs + Sprays. Made with gem elixir, floral + herb tinctures, essential oils, and crystals in a variety of scents and intentions.
We start all of our sprays with purified water that removes 78 toxins including fluoride and arsenic. We take this water and perform a ceremony with either sunlight, moonlight or sun/moon eclipse event depending on the intention of the spray. With this gem elixir and based on the intention of each spray we then incorporate our herbal and floral tinctures and pure essential oils to create our unique blends. We perform a reiki chant and play crystal bowls along with it to give our sprays that extra kick of being blessed with Reiki energy and sonically tuned. We hope you love our Mystical Gem Aromatherapy Sprays as much as we do!  
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Amethyst Infused Body Oil, Crystal Infused Body Oil
Shimmering Rose Quartz Body Oil, Crystal Infused Body Oil
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