Grounding Meditation inspired by Spirit and Mother Earth

Grounding Meditation inspired by Spirit and Mother Earth

Sometimes without asking or looking for it, we are given what we need by spirit. Through clairs and meditative states, many of us receive messages. I have a deep love for working with Reiki, Crystals, Chakras, Aura, and meditation. This morning I decided to do a meditation with a natural clear quartz point (actually is that Lemurian seed crystal those of you who follow me may have seen a number of times) and some magnetic lodestone. I placed them both at magnetic North the point at my crown chakra and the lodestone approx 2 feet below my feet. As I lay down to meditation I could feel my nasty back pain fighting against me laying flat, my heart rate was strong as I had been up and about, working out and doing this and that of my morning rituals and chores. After a few deep breaths and some “So Hum” chanting I brought myself into a nice state of mind. As a certified psychic medium, I have learned many different types of mediation for connecting and receiving messages from spirit. People often ask me what I “do” when I meditate, and well the answer is many different things depending on what the meditation is for. Since this meditation was for calming, centering, balancing and aligning with Mother Earth I gently guided myself through relaxing my body, identifying areas that were stressed or in pain and I released them by acknowledging them and letting them go. Then I allowed the crystals to do their thing. I could feel the pull, the tingle as they gently worked together to align and balance my body. I began to visualize roots growing from my feet down deep into Mother Earth. After moving peacefully through each layer I approached the huge Iron crystal that resides at the center of the earth. I lay my body against it absorbing just the right amount of iron that I need at this time, laying on this giant crystal of perfection, in all its sacred geometry, was as comforting as a baby laying on its mother's chest. I allowed the magma around me to gently cover and envelope me in its blanketing warmth, soothing, clearing, calming, centering and balancing me with Mother Earth. I found myself chanting that for a while. Then I looked up into my third eye region, as many of us do when practicing our clairs. I saw the universe, the stars all glistening, sparkling bright, suddenly I heard “let go, and allow yourself to be the universe.”

As I allowed my spirit to leave the body I felt such a strong sense of relief, that freedom from the confines and pains of the body, and the challenges that come with being human. I felt my spirit fill the universe embodying the stars and planets, all of them, I heard “you are the universe” I felt the oneness, in the very same way that I have felt it twice before during near-death experiences in this lifetime, (see previous posts) and that pure understanding, that innate memory of oneness flooded in. I felt the tie to the planet where my body nestled on the chest (at the core) of Mother Earth, like a child safe in its mother's arms, as I looked upon it, and then looked once again out upon the universe,  I felt balanced. I felt Peace. I was in alignment with all that is. It was time to return to the body knowing that I can return to this state at any time I invoke it. Whenever I need it, as it is always there, but my perception or misconception of it is the only hindrance. Lift the veil, eyes wide open, approach life enlightened, quantum entanglement lighting the pathways between me here on this planet and my higher self, and all that is. It was a beautiful moment. As I came back into my body I slowly reversed the process of drawing my “roots” back up through the earth to my feet, not for a minute forgetting the endless comfort of laying on Mother Earths chest absorbing her love and nurturing warmth. As I enter my body once again I feel the balance, I begin a Reiki self-treatment, my hands are on fire, it is good. I give thanks upon completion, stretch before rising, and I come here now, to bring you this message. My hope is to bring all of you a beautiful guided meditation from what I have learned from this experience and I urge you, if you have not tried meditating for grounding with these stones (clear quartz natural point and magnetic lodestone) as I have learned to do, I encourage you to try it. Simply magnificent start to a beautiful day. Namaste.

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